xAmbience Service Pack 1 Available Now

Sam Clark
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The first major update to High Sky Tech's xAmbience weather addon is now available, adding many new features and fixing multiple post-release bugs. The plugin, initially debuted in November last year, features a custom atmosphere model with Raleigh-scattering and a custom seasons engine, which works with default terrain (it is incompatible with orthoimagery at this stage).

Announced back in February, Service Pack 1 most notably features a complete re-working of the plugin's internals intended to boost performance on lower-end systems.

Here's the change-log:

  • Optimized all plugin processes
  • Fully reworked code
  • New raleigh scattering
  • New 16 sky colors with new rendering technology
  • Added checkpoint "Simulate Ice on Water"
  • Added checkpoint "Passing FX"
  • Added new slider "Cloud effect speed"
  • Removed weather themes
  • Added new slider "DSF Distanse"
  • Fixed sun
  • Added new 16 sky color
  • Added compatibility for other addons who control default x-plane LOD and default x-plane DSF.
  • Fixed feature "Dynamic lightning"
  • Added new sky calculations logic
  • Fixed sun logic
  • Fixed alpha channel of clouds
  • Fixed seasonal logic. No more reloads on high flightlevel.
  • Fixed cloud altitude.
  • Fixed perfomance issues (fixed boolean)
  • Fixed cloud dynamic calculation logic
  • Fixed sun dynamic calculation logic
  • Fixed sky color dynamic calculation logic
  • Added raleigh colors for dusk, sunset
  • Added volume bumps for snow season
  • Fixed cloud presets (added volume lightning)
  • Added startup helper
  • Fixed more issues with UI
  • Fixed raleigh scale configuration sliders
  • Fixed issues with cloud "sharping"
  • Killed slider "Cloud smoothness" (replaced by new slider)
  • Added cloud flow

To update your copy of xAmbience to version 1.03, re-download the product from the store of purchase. You can buy HighSkyTech's xAmbience for EUR 29.00 from the simMarket.

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