X-Codr Designs Announces Venture into Microsoft Flight Simulator Development

August 19, 2021

X-Codr has taken to their newly establish Discord Server to announce their first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, marking a new era for the developer. Announced today is a conversion of his existing West Yellowstone Airport and Yellowstone National Park.

Although appearing to be similar to the X-Plane counterpart on the surface, the package is more than a simple conversion with all new techniques implemented to fully utilise the power of the latest generation rendering engine shipped with MSFS.

The scenery features custom, colour corrected orthoimagery to enhance the key features of the national park as well as extensive use of PBR in the fully custom rendition of West Yellowstone Airport.

As the name would suggest, X-Codr’s roots are within the X-Plane platform, where his first payware product, Sedona UHD first released in August 2017. Although mainly producing payware content in the community, the developer teamed up with Cameron from AeroDesign to produce a high-detail rendition of Montgomery (KMGM). The airport was released under the brand “Payware for Free”, signifying its quality, that of a typical payware product, being released to the community free of charge.

As briefed above, the scenery package being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator first debuted in X-Plane. Being the developer’s latest product for both platforms, the product was only released for X-Plane 2 months ago in mid-June 2021. 

Here’s the full feature list for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery:

  • Detailed, accurate rendition of KWYS West Yellowstone Airport
  • PBR normal maps are used for enhanced realism
  • Realistic custom ground textures provide an authentic feel
  • A realistic, gorgeous rendition of key features of Yellowstone National Park
  • Custom colour corrected USGS NAIP 0.6 meter satellite imagery dramatically enhances the appearance of popular geothermal features
  • Custom rendition of the lodge near Old Faithful Geyser Basin\n   Custom hand made 3d models for the following geothermal features:
  • Mammoth Hotsprings
  • Old Faithful Geyser
  • Castle Geyser
  • Giant Geyser

The following geothermal features are included in this package:

  • Old Faithful Geyser Basin
  • Grand Prismatic
  • Fountain Paint Pots
  • Firehole Lake Dr and surrounding features
  • Hotspring Lake
  • Hundred Springs Plain
  • Mammoth Hotsprings

X-Codr states that the airport has already been sent to Microsoft for approval for release on the in-game marketplace and “barring unforeseen occurrences”, the airport will be available within one month of the announcement.

Keep up to date with X-Codr’s developments in their Discord Server.

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