More Previews of XFER Design’ Airbus H145

Keizo Ono
Thursday, May 16, 2019

Following last month’s update featuring the helicopter in X-Plane, XFER Design has posted more previews of their upcoming freeware Airbus H145. The detailed renders show the significant progress XFER Design has made since the project’s initial announcement in July, of 2017.

The renders were posted on the X-Plane org forum, where XFER developer and user Liebernickel exclaims:

“We just have to share these shots with you spontaneously, it's getting more and more awesome!”

Originally named the Eurocopter EC145, the Airbus H145 is a light utility helicopter used in a vast range of fields including air ambulance, police, and military roles. More information regarding the project and the original post by XFER Design can be found here.

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