xOrganizer v2.0 Released

Jordan Davison
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Following the popular initial freeware release of xOrganizer, a payware version 2, rebuilt from the ground-up, has been released. xOrganizer is a utility designed to simplify and organize scenery installation and usage within X-Plane. Users can:

  • Manage the load order and enable/disable scenery packages
  • Enable/disable plugins and scripts
  • Load X-Plane with different settings (for instance VR vs normal)
  • View airports included in the scenery packages (also projected on a map)
  • View the coverage of your scenery on a map
  • Manage the versions and download locations of your scenery packages
  • Enable/disable GroundTraffic plugins

‍Improvements compared to version 1.3 include:

  • Completely new code: very fast with the use of an internal database + a lot of improvements/fixes
  • Complete manual of xOrganizer
  • Improved overview of scenery: favorites folder added, grouped by continent, etc.
  • Improved profile functionality (sets in the previous version of xOrganizer)
  • Improved version functionality: store hyperlinks to download locations
  • New: select only the modules of xOrganizer that you find useful (scenery, plugins/scripts or  X-Plane preferences)
  • New: profiles for plugins/scripts
  • New: easy check on recently installed scenery
  • New: scan for broken/bad links/shortcuts in the Custom Scenery folder
  • New: option to switch off GroundTraffic plugins (per airport package)
  • New: clean user interface
  • New: settings menu with several user options
  • No internet connection needed during use (offline maps)
  • Further new functionality is under development. New updates will of course be free for all users of the full version

Regarding making version 2 payware, the creator writes,

"The previous version was freeware, but with this new version I could no longer justify this. Improving and extending xOrganizer took me so much time I could either quit or take this step. I hope that everyone will still support me and find the price fair for what xOrganizer offers now".

He has kindly has offered a demo to allow users to test his product which can be downloaded here.

For those who wish to purchase xOrganizer, they may do so here for $9.95

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