Xometry Announces Victorville Airport for X-Plane 11 on iniBuilds Store

September 14, 2021

A new developer under the name “Xometry” has recently announced their first scenery for X-Plane 11, that being Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport. Members of the community may be better acquanted with Xometry under the developer's username "captnchris", who is known for his freeware releases (namely KSAN, EHAM) and his work under Axonos on Memphis Airport. This will be his first product under his own brand name.

For Victorville Airport, the location is most well known as a major fixture in the aviation industry in regards to aircraft storage; most recently, it  has gained a greater profile in the aviation space due to its crucial role in storing over half a thousand aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spanning 2,300 acres, the airport is capable of storing hundreds of large airliners, it's situated in an area that is dry and arid, perfect for long-term aircraft storage and is approximately 80 km north of San Bernardino. No commercial flights serve the airport as it is primarily designed for business, military, and freight operations.

The announcement on the iniBuilds forum was brief and a short feature list was provided, the features are mostly standard issue for what one would expect in most modern scenery products:   the airport is laid with realistic satellite imagery and well-built, accurate HD groundwork, populated with highly detailed ground clutter and realistic localised vegetation that are hand-placed. The buildings and airfield landmarks are modelled in detail and feature 4K PBR textures. Finally accurately placed aircraft models are scattered across the airport.

Xometry’s first scenery will be an iniBuilds Store exclusive; no release date has been provided as though the state of the scenery from the preview images indicate that it is safe to assume that the product will be out soon. We’ll keep you updated on this front, stay tuned! For the original announcement post, hop over to the forum thread.

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