X-Plane 11.33 Released

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The third update to X-Plane 11.30 has been officially released, containing numerous bug fixes. It follows on from 11.32, which was released back on the 4th of March.

223 new airports have also been added to X-Plane 11 in this release, which did not exist in 11.30, whilst 1,204 existing airports now have 3D scenery, bringing the total number of airports in X-Plane with 3D scenery close to 5 digits, at 9,812.

Below, is the full list of fixes, sourced from the release notes:

Beta 1

  • XPD-8450 Separate engine temperature scale datarefs for F & C.
  • XPD-8808 Ensure settings window displays properly at 1024×768.
  • XPD-9330 Scale of text / userinterface not possible when not using 2nd monitor.
  • XPD-9441 Weight, balance and fuel- Total weight (lbs) does not include weapons.
  • XPD-9504 New naming scheme for screenshots.
  • XPD-9505, XPD-9914 Create temp route present positions as objects in their own right.
  • XPD-9531 C172 stalls way too early now.
  • XPD-9573 Fix dome glare being screen aligned and looking silly when we roll.
  • XPD-9670 Fix for dropdowns being left open after the ATC window is closed.
  • XPD-9683 Fix dupe banks in FMOD crashing the sim.
  • XPD-9690 Min cloud altitudes set based on first airport you visit.
  • XPD-9759 Airport picker UI displays wrong magnetic variation.
  • XPD-9772 Option to disable VR green glowing boxes.
  • XPD-9786 Fixed German typos.
  • XPD-9815 2D panel on separate display depends on view direction of main 3d display.
  • XPD-9849 Make keys_class robust against key-presses and releases not being in balance.
  • XPD-9878 Autopilot speed and altitude select digits do not line up in windows.
  • XPD-9882 Fixed KOAK nav data.
  • XPD-9919 Lightning appears in cockpit in VR.
  • XPD-9965 Com radio can’t hear ATIS if marker beacons electrical bus is failed.
  • XPD-9967 Default Baron 58 de icing not working.
  • XPD-9969 Make oil temperature datarefs editable.
  • XPD-9971 Fix for single engine driving multiple props.
  • XPD-9986 Helicopter icon generation too small.
  • XPD-9991 Crashes on older Intel GPUs.
  • XPD-9992 Default FMC, Holding Pattern will only be flown once.
  • XPD-9993 Dialed back ice mass accumulation.
  • XPD-9997 Updated Plane Maker UI when auto-start enabled.
  • XPD-9998 Fix crash off VNJS RWY06.
  • XPD-10003 Landing lights has no effect on battery amperage draw.
  • XPD-10007 Fixed slip ball limit.
  • XPD-10011 VR projection matrix is bad.
  • XPD-10021 Add launch option for Steam VR Lobby.
  • XPD-10029 Can’t select COM transmit on GMA audio panel.

Release Candidate 1

  • XPD-9995 Fix for motion platform output.
  • XPD-10047 Lower min FOV for pro customers.
  • XPD-10050 SegFault in setDestinationAirport(…). Condition was off by one.
  • XPD-10053 Hand-tuned the scroll wheel’s zoom rate in the map on Linux.
  • XPD-10057 Satellite misspelled in Map.
  • XPD-10062 New error message for sound bank conflicts due to users copying old planes.

Release Candidate 2

  • XPD-9851 “Newly released” tags for AG.
  • XPD-10070 Fixed missing buildings in KSEA – global airpots was masking it out.
  • XPD-10071 Fixed missing AG library path.

To update, run the installer and follow the instructions. The update is also available for Steam users - be sure to restart the client if the update does not appear or initialise.

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