Brand New VATSIM Client xPilot Announced

Alex John
Monday, August 26, 2019

A new client allowing users to connect to VATSIM was unveiled by flight simulation streamer Chewwy94 yesterday.

Named xPilot (not to be confused with the X-Pilot forum), the new client was previewed to demonstrate the new VATSIM voice codec.

According to a comment made on his stream by simfestuk, another popular streamer, it has been developed by Justin Shannon and allowed them to integrate Audio For VATSIM (AFV) into the client.

AFV is a long-anticipated upgrade to the network's audio codec and thus voice quality that will require a hard transition. As mentioned above, xPilot will use AFV and can be used with the new codec.

"It is far far far superior to Swift and also [XSquawkBox]," said Chewwy94, and that it is like the vPilot of Prepar3D.

If you wish to see the opening, announcement, and usage of xPilot, you can watch his stream from about 2:38:28.

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