PMDG Offer Brief X-Plane Status Update

February 24, 2019

Flightsim juggernauts PMDG (Precision Manuals Development Group) have released more information regarding their planned endeavours into X-Plane. Their products have long been considered the gold standard in ESP-platform development, with aircraft such as the 737NGX, 777 and 747 cementing their place as some of the best in the business.

PMDG have had their hands full as of late, most recently with a move away from their long time home at AVSIM and to their own standalone forum. In a post on the new forum, Robert Randazzo touches on a few different projects, most notably the discontinuation of support for 32-bit platforms.

Right at the bottom of the post, Randazzo touches on X-Plane with a very brief status update:

“Okay- this wraps up the first formal announcement in the new forum. Oh- and since it will only be a matter of moments before one of the XPLANE Evangelists™ starts hopping up and down with angst since I haven't said anything specific about XPLANE... That was intentional. I have no information to share on that topic in this update except to say that we are lightening our load on the MSFS/P3D side of the house and that will eventually give me a bit more developmental freedom for a much needed overhaul of our XPLANE plans that have been collecting too much dust. When? I haven't the slightest clue- but as soon as I know- you'll know!”

Essentially, due to the ceasing of 32-bit development, the PMDG team have more time to focus on other development projects, namely an overhaul of their X-Plane plans.

To learn more, check out the post over on the PMDG Forums, or see one of our previous articles about PMDG’s long history with X-Plane.

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