XPRealistic Pro V2 Announced

Sam Clark
Sunday, May 12, 2019

After an extended period of silence from RKApps, the developer behind SimHat and XPRealistic, has announced that the latter will see a complete rewrite.

The goal of XPRealistic is to add to the immersion felt while in-sim, with effects like realistic pilot head turning, prop enhancements and more pronounced G-Force effects. RKApps say version 2 will be a standalone plugin, meaning that FlyWithLua will no longer be required to run the utility.

In a post on the X-Plane.org Forum, head developer Roy Kro explains what is planned for the new version:

  • v2.0.0 development has started and it is on its initial stages. Yes, this is a major version, the next bullet will explain why.
  • I decided to write XPRealistic Pro from scratch, this time as a stand alone plugin for X-Plane, that means FWL won't be required anymore.
  • The new version is built in a way that will allow XPRealistic to expand into more areas in terms of effects.
  • The above means that I have lots of work to do! Please keep up your patience.

In a later comment, Roy goes on to say VR compatibility is very much being considered, though he can't guarantee it's inclusion.

You can purchase the existing XPRealistic Pro for $19.99 here.

Thank you to Janis over on the Threshold Discord server for the tip! <3

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