RuSky Group Releases Yak-52 Professional

January 1, 2020

RuSky has released their first aircraft for X-Plane, the Yak-52 Professional. The Yak-52 is a Soviet military trainer aircraft which first took to the skies in 1976. 

In development since March of last year, RuSky had been relatively quiet regarding the progress of the Yak-52, with the last development update having been in mid-October. RuSky also have a multitude of other aircraft projects in the works, including an Ilyushin I-18 and Tupolev Tu-104.

Features of the RuSky Yakovlev Yak-52 include:

  • Professional Flight Model (PFM)
  • Textures 4K - PBR
  • Detailed 3D model
  • Fully clickable cockpit
  • Simulation of all aircraft systems
  • Ground handling of aircraft
  • Real Sounds recorded from a real airplane
  • Custom sound using FMOD
  • Developed with Consultations and testing by  a real Yak-52 pilot, champion of the Yak-52 League
  • VR Ready

RuSky also provided a lengthy list of simulated systems:

  • The real work of the M-14 engine
  • Actual fuel consumption at different flight heights
  • Real Data on engine overheating and overheating
  • Correct operation of engine boost and engine speed regulator depending on atmospheric pressure and air temperature.
  • The real work of the pneumatic chassis system
  • ARC navigation radio system
  • 3D ground service
  • Warm up before starting
  • Refueling the aircraft
  • Charging the battery
  • Air filling
  • Simulation of discharge of the battery on the ground when using power
  • Actual air consumption when using aircraft systems
  • The work of the radio station
  • 3D cabin lighting
  • 3D instrument back
  • The aircraft will be tuned using the Flight manual, involving real pilots and technicians for aircraft maintenance in the tests.
  • The plane remembers the last flight data and remains in exactly the same state in which the pilot left it. The consumption of appliances is taken into account, the aircraft remembers if they did not close the cockpit
  • Management of instrument failures from the instructor's cabin.
  • Sounds recorded from a real plane
  • Full implementation of the Fuel system, Air system and electrical.
  • A unique system for inspecting the aircraft from the outside and using ground equipment with a first-person view and control as in FPS games.
  • The code of the Samlet has about 50,000 lines.
  • The operation of all systems is written exactly according to the factory instructions and the operation and maintenance instructions. 

RuSky’s Yak-52 Professional is available on the Store for $45.00 (USD) and can be found here. To view previous articles about RuSky, click here.

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