New Previews of RuSky Group's Yak-52 in Beta Testing

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

For several months now, newcomers RuSky Group have been proving their ability to make aircraft for X-Plane 11 with two aircraft, the Yak-52 and the IL-18.

Today sees additional previews of the former aircraft, which is currently in beta testing prior to its release.

Posted to, the previews are accompanied by three listed points:

  • Fixed several critical errors in the behavior of the aircraft on the ground.
  • New cab elements are added.
  • Work is underway on ground handling

More previews including videos are available to view on the forum thread. One somewhat humorous video of the canopy drifting away from the aircraft can be viewed below.

The developer also has many other aircraft planned, but the Yak-52 is one of three officially listed.

An IL-18 in the works, which can be seen here, and a Tu-104B is also in progress. One early render of the latter can be seen below - the rest can be viewed on their website.

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