Zero Dollar Payware Releases Gold Coast

October 13, 2021
David Vega
nobody, apparently.

Zero Dollar Payware has just released their latest and greatest scenery, Gold Coast International airport for X-plane 11. It is a surprising but welcome addition, given that not too long ago, the ZDP team published a major release (Seoul Incheon). As with typical ZDP fashion, the airport features some highly realistic modelling and texturing, it is sure to give you an eyeful whilst you wait for your pushback tug to (finally) hook up to your aircraft. 

The real airport was previously named Coolangatta Airport and is located at the southern end of Gold Coast city, the airport sits approximately 56 miles from Brisbane. The original name ‘Coolangatta’ is an anglicised Aboriginal word meaning 'beautiful place'’, not entirely coincidental as the views can be stunning. The airport was previously a private facility but has since then been nationalized. Before COVID times, the airport has seen traffic from all over the world, however, the majority of flights originated from Asia. The runway isn’t the longest in the world, being relatively short at 2492 meters, but it is uniquely built right on the border between two Australian states: New South Wales and Queensland. 

No detail went to waste with this release as ZDP has put their artistic skills to work by realizing the future terminal expansion in-sim, built based on architectural renders. The airport layout follows the current format, with additional gates worked in to reflect the terminal expansion. SAM is being used to animate the jetways in the new terminal, and marshallers are scattered throughout each gate. For the entire terminal complex, the team has modelled the interior as well. Scenery-wide features include standard frills such as custom modelled buildings and assets across the airport.

Here is the feature list: 

  • An artistic interpretation of the new south terminal expansion based on architectural renders.
  • Apron and gate assignments adapted from 2021 information, with fictitious gates 8, 9, and stand 10 for the south expansion.
  • Custom buildings and assets
  • SAM jet bridges and marshallers
  • Terminal interiors
  • Functional AI Taxi Routes (Tested with WT3 only)

The scenery is completely free of charge and can be downloaded from the Threshold Forum.

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