ZeroDollarPayware Releases Seoul Incheon for X-Plane

October 6, 2021


High-quality freeware scenery developer Zero Dollar Payware has recently released their rendition of Seoul-Incheon International, The team is launched by a user named “StableSystem”, who has made a name in the flight sim community for philanthropic contributions with high-quality, accurate works - it has since expanded into a passionate collective that publishes sceneries that users say "consistently meet (and more often than not exceed) the standards of X-Plane 11's biggest payware developers." The project was launched over a year ago and amassed over 1,000 development hours into the airport, it’s a timely addition to a recent renewed interest in eastern destinations within X-Plane, with the recent release of SFD’s freeware Hakodate airport in Japan and CloudSurfAsia’s rapid coverage of major Southeast Asian aviation hubs.

RKSI is the largest airport in South Korea and is one of the largest in the world, it serves as the main airport in the Seoul metropolitan area. Opened in 2001, the modern airport was constructed to replace the ageing Gimpo Airport as Seoul’s main international gateway. 

The developer issued a small NOTAM to users regarding AIRAC data sourced from June 2021 onwards; while the scenery was in development, the real airport has just completed and opened a new runway which the scenery does not illustrate in-sim, at least not yet. As a result - a modified version of the airport data needs to be installed for the scenery to work with certain payware aircraft. To install this modified data, users need to copy and overwrite all files from the Earth nav data folder in the “Scenery Variants” folder that comes with the download, into the main RKSI scenery folder. 

The scenery comes decorated with high-resolution ‘1k' textures which features PBR, the majority of the airport’s buildings are custom modelled by ZDP, some of which includes a detailed interior model. Across the airport, the developer incorporates an accurate layout with proper signage. Functional custom-designed SAM jetways are included for your virtual passengers to board and deboard your aircraft. The ground textures are built off on satellite imagery and 3D grass. Lastly, the scenery utilises several prerequisite scenery libraries which you’ll need to install for the airport to function properly: MisterX Library v2.0, and SAM v2.0+ scenery libraries.

Coming back to the AIRAC data notice above, the developer reasoned that the new runway runway 16R/34L was not implemented into the scenery due to a lack of reference sources. Rather than sacrifice the quality and accuracy of the scenery, the dev team has decided not to include it in the initial release. Though they stated, runway 16R/34L “will be added in a future update but we have no estimated release date for it.”

The scenery is freely available in two outlets; on  the Threshold Forum, or the iniBuilds forum - the file size sits north of 1GB To report bugs or problems with the scenery they ask you to message them on their discord server. Made by ZDP Developers: StableSystem, Martini, Imran, awfsiu, TJ

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