Zibo Mod B737-800X Updated to v3.36

Sam Clark
Saturday, September 7, 2019

Coming off the back of an update to the -900U earlier this week, the developers behind the Zibo Mod 737-800 have finalised the 3.36 update to that plane too, adding a plethora of assorted features and fixing bugs in the aircraft.

The update was released about three hours ago and includes the following changes:

  • corrected systems
  • fixed bugs
  • add LDG ALT warning on PFD
  • add expanded localizer scale on PFD
  • add MMR (Multi mode receiver) - optional via EFB
  • add support GBAS/SBAS (GLS, WAAS, EGNAS, MSAS)
  • add support hydraulic fuild transfer
  • add save last fuel state
  • add airstairs (thanks to JBrik)
  • gently tuned ground effect (FM) by plugin
  • tuned AP for bad weather condition (turbulence/stormy)
  • changed switches STNDBY BAT to 3 position switches
  • add optional with or without aspirated TAT Probe (default aspirated TAT probe) in EFB
  • add cutback
  • add EICAS compact mode

To update for yourself, see the Zibo Mod Google Drive here.

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