Ultimate 737-900 Updated to v1909

September 4, 2019

The 737 Ultimate team has been busy behind closed doors this week, readying the 1909 update to their immensely popular 737-900 recreation.

September's update brings the -900 up to the Zibo 737-800's current specification, building on the last update released at the start of the year.

Changes include the addition of new ground handling equipment, most notably air stairs. With the assistance of Zibo, its systems have been brought up to and including v3.35.43, the same as Zibo's 737-800. This means many additions to the -800 since January are now included in the -900 like de-icing trucks, but certain assets in the old version such as the cabin remain.

You can find more information on the previous update to the 737-900 in a previous article, or see more on it's little brother, the 737-700, here.

To get the new update, simply re-download the aircraft from Google Drive. The product page (which includes support and other FAQs) is available on the Threshold Forum here.

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