Zibo Mod B737-800X Updated to v3.37

October 15, 2019
nobody, apparently.

X-Plane's most popular ever freeware has been updated once again, this time bringing the Zibo Mod 737 up to version 3.37, just over a month since it's last substantial update.

The main drawcards of the latest update include a brand new electrical system, added custom failures and a custom refuelling system, amongst many other changes contributing to the 35-line changelog.

Version 3.37 brings a mixture of different improvements to almost all aspects of the aircraft, from LOC capability to repainted airstairs.

The full changelog is available below:

  • add airstairs textures for AXP liveries (thanks to @enjxp)
  • add command Airstairs toggle
  • add toggle commands for lights
  • add support librain plugin (by Skiselkov) in VR (thanks to @Ekre)
  • add option for Ground power cabel connection - AUTO/BEACON (trigger)
  • add option for white bug on PFD (V2+15 or V2+20)
  • add opton Fix all failures on EFB (with detection custom failures)
  • add option FMC input lag (default OFF)
  • add option for XHSI (default OFF)
  • add option hard/smart/off for RA callouts (500ft, 1000ft, 2500ft)
  • add SKI effect to cabin windows
  • add option AUTO for passengers
  • gently tuned AP, AT
  • corrected graphics (EICAS, PFD rolling speed and alt tape, TCAS rings, heading rose on PFD, runway on PFD, ...)
  • corrected ND during align
  • add Cancel/Recall button on MFD
  • corrected systems (electric, hydraulic, bank angle selector...)
  • modeled LOC by RL pilot experience
  • add LOC/GLS disagree on PFD (frequency/course)
  • add automatic connect ground power cable after arrival to gate
  • add crossbleed start engine annunciate on EICAS/ENG
  • add manipulators for electric trim on yokes
  • add touchdown effect (not working in replay yet for Xplane 11.36 - working in Xplane 11.40)
  • tuned Autoland for new AP pitch servo code and new ROLLOUT code
  • add flaps vibration on the ground
  • fixed decode/populate STAR waypoints (with STAR and Destination Runway selected only)
  • fixed pressurization display
  • fixed FD TO/GA
  • add pages to FMC (some pages have static datas yet)
  • new electric system (modeled all basic buses, TR Units, Relays / all devices, systems,...)
  • add failures system (electric/hydraulic/systems... see EFB main menu)
  • add refuel system (see EFB ground services menu)
  • add Fueltruck and icons for Fueltruck, Failures... (thanks to @JBRIK)
  • read apt data from folder "Custom Scenery" too
  • fixed bugs

The update is available from the Zibo Mod drive, which you can access here.

Cheers to Recoil for the tip off in the Threshold Discord server! 

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