Zibo 737-800 Updated to Version 3.39

Friday, January 17, 2020

Zibo’s popular freeware aircraft, the 737, was updated to version 3.39 today. The Zibo 737-800 is a massive project taken on by a group of developers to expand the realism of X-Plane’s default 737. Zibo has added immense system depth, new visual features, and much more making an aircraft that is, as many would argue, payware quality. 

The changelog for v3.39 is considerably large, containing over 30 revisions which include, but are not limited to, a new and improved flight model for X-Plane 11.40 by Twkster and reworked ground displays. You can find it below.

Changelog for Zibo Version 3.39:

  • new and improved initial flight model by Twkster
  • new calculation CG (TO CG, ZFW CG, LAND CG)
  • corrected systems and fixed bugs (MCP lights LNAV/VNAV armed prior to TOGA, TOGA, White bug for TO and APP, APU, engaged LVL CHG after TOGA, APU shutdown cooling cycle, radio panels, ALT INTV at T/D-xxx, N1 calc, delete waypoint speed restrict on Climb page, add 2 DISCONTINUEs for RX-XX wpt...)
  • add new payload page with zones/cargos (and populate PAX)
  • rewritten code for display ground "vehicles" (GPU, ASU, De-ice truck, Fueltruck) - saved about 400 MB VRAM in flight
  • fixed bugs (code for airways, LDA approach - FMC/PFD, TO GA - takeoff, Payload page, FMC Performance page, Payload to aircraft (full flight OEW), "CD"/"VD"/"FD" legs, wind data, read NavData LOC-GS/LDA-GS, calculate N1 climb limit, Select desired page - support ILS, LOC, LDA, GLS, LPV, Lateral Offset, save settings to livery folder, crossover altitude, windshield frost, FMC climb page, Descent now, RTO, PI leg, n calculation DECEL for "FL100" restrict,...)
  • fixed select SID, STAR, APP
  • add drawn runways with a scale on ND
  • enable De-ice truck at any stand (some airports have not correctly defined stands)
  • add draw great circle route
  • add draw offset route
  • add an option for display selected FMC Vref speed/flaps on PFD
  •  add standalone calculation N1 limit (for every engine) with standalone control throttle lever (left and right engine)
  •  add calculation highspeed margin
  •  add more commands for lights switches
  •  add independent radio's panels (CPT/FO/OBS)
  •  add beacon for fuel truck and GPU, improved textures (thanks to JBrik)
  •  add EFB for First Officier
  •  new LVL CHG/VNAV SPD code
  •  improved capture VNAV descent path
  •  correction for VNAV descent path
  •  corrected VNAV SPD descent modes
  •  corrected draw entry/exit AF leg
  •  corrected AP disconnect sound and lights
  •  corrected VNAV descent speed (by CI)
  •  corrected calculation N1 limits (cruise, climb, continuous, turbulence)
  •  corrected calculation Vstall, Vss, Vmin man
  •  rename option "Priority TX COM radio" to "Headset COM radio": CPT/FO/OVH (captain, first officer, overhead)
  •  remove option White bug V2+15/+20

As always, the recent changelog, donation, download, and further links are available to view here.

Note: If you are unable to download the zip file due to the download quota being exceeded, right-click the zip file, add to drive, then download the copy from your drive.

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