Weekly News Recap: June 10

Sam Clark
Sunday, June 10, 2018


Welcome to Threshold’s weekly news recap for today the 10th of June, 2018. We aim for this weekly piece to be a collection of all the news that we didn’t get to, as well as where we take a look back at all the headlines from the X-Plane world. The Threshold Weekly News Recap is released every Sunday.

In case you missed it:

YBRM by Orbx is released, Drzewiecki Design debut two new X-Plane products; Seattle City XP and Seattle Airports XP, Hifi Simulations inform us that Active Sky for X-Plane should release in Q4 this year and Aerosoft release Helgoland XP, a product by Stairport Sceneries and LimeSim.

Robin DR401 by Aerobask imminent

The DR401 is a light sport aircraft from French company Robin Aircraft. It is the reincarnation of the DR400 series, first released by Avions Pierre Robin in 1972. The newer 401 features a longer range than the 400’s, capacity for 4 people and has a maximum speed of 278 km/h.

Light-aircraft developer Aerobask has chosen the 401 as its latest X-Plane project, which is now ready for release.

Aerobask have shown off the DR401’s custom FMOD sound pack in a video posted on YouTube yesterday. The video is attached below:


For more information about Aerobask, see their Facebook page - also check out the Threshold Review of the DA-62 by Aerobask.

Attitude Simulations - Fox Islands, KFNT Bishop Int’l, C56 Bult Field

A “three-for-one” from Attitude Simulations this week, releasing WIP screenshots for 3 of their airports for their “Gateway to the Great Lakes” series. You can find all of these WIP screenshots in the Attitude Simulations Facebook group.

The Fox Islands consist of North Fox and South Fox Islands and are located on Lake Michigan. Both islands have small airstrips, 6Y3 (North Fox Airport) and 3MI2 (South Fox Airport). South Fox airport is a GA/business jet airstrip owned by real-estate magnate David V. Johnson. He owns ⅔ of the island and has a private residence there. Our first look at Attitude Sims. rendition of both airstrips was released on Facebook earlier this week.

"Here is some ground work of our next project set to release in the next several days!"

KFNT Bishop International Airport is a commercial and general aviation airport located in Flint, Michigan. This airport will be another entry in the “Gateway to the Great Lakes” series and is currently in an early stage of development. James Brown, lead developer of KFNT, has dropped some renders of the control tower at Bishop Int’l.

Last of the news from Attitude this week is C56 Bult Field for X-Plane. Bult Field is small general aviation airport, located in Monee, Illinois - about 1 hour south of Chicago. The airport features a large terminal building for pilots and passengers alike. The progress on C56 Bult Field is similar to that of the aforementioned KFNT project also by Attitude, which is in its early stage of development. Steaven Mckenzie of Attitude posted new renders of Bult Field earlier this week.

SSG E170/E195 updated to V1.2

Supercritical Simulations have updated their E-Jets package to version 1.2. This is the first update since release back in December 2017. Here is the changelog:

  • ‍LNAV at 200 and VNAV at 400ft
  • Improved Autoland and follow localizer
  • Now it is possible to select FMS without Route
  • New CDU and ND popup Windows
  • Fixed bug about fuel remaining at descent page
  • UTC was not properly computed at NAV Ident PAGE
  • VASEL is not shown as armed when VNAV Active
  • Throttle can be managed when landing
  • Enter temperature on digit at TRS PAGE
  • Fuel Prediction improved
  • Correct number Page At RTE Page
  • Waypoint Altitude restriction respected without extreme vertical speed
  • added LIM and OVRD A/P featureFixed  AP sound  when landing
  • Fixed  glass rain graphic glitch  when on the ground
  • Tunned landing gear Tunned steerling time
  • Added T.O. Config ok sound
  • Fixed autogate not working in XP 11.xx
  • Default ground vehicle configuration fixes
  • Better cockpit night lighting

You can purchase the E-Jets package by SSG on the X-Plane.org store.

VSkyLabs outline updates slated for June 2018

After nicknaming last month as “Maintenance May”, VSkyLabs have dubbed June 2018 as “Update June”. During June, the following updates will be released:


  • X-Plane 10.51 update to v2.7.
  • Major update release to v2.8.


  • Major project update to v5.0.


  • Project update to v4.4.


  • Various project updates.

See more about VSkyLabs on Facebook.

Skyline Simulations KCVG: more progress

KCVG Cincinnati by Skyline Simulations is progressing closer and closer to release. This week, Skyline release new WIPs of the cargo apron at CVG, along with a brief history of the terminal:

“After being closed to passenger service back in 2007, Terminal 1 at KCVG served FedEx's cargo operations. Six of it's jetways were removed, save for one that rarely ever saw usage. Terminal 1's interior was left vacant and sat empty for years undisturbed”


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