Gaya Simulations Updates Vienna for X-Plane to V1.2

February 20, 2021

Gaya Simulations has taken to their Facebook Page to announce an update for the Vienna (LOWW) for X-Plane. The update, first publicly announced in January brings many new features and fixes including new interior modelling in the North Pier and new textures on many different areas.

Gaya Simulations has also released their Vienna for the other 2 major flight simulators in use currently, Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery was also recently updated for Microsoft Flight Simulator, read the details in our previous article on Gaya Simulations. 

Back in November 2020, Gaya Simulations unveiled their roadmap of airports for the following months. The airports being worked on ranged from airports in South America to Europe. Airports being worked included Zurich, Rio De Janeiro - Santos Dumont and London Stansted Airport, to name a few. To read about Gaya Simulations’ roadmap and find previews of some projects, click here.

Here’s the full changelog for V1.2:

  • North pier terminal now has interior modelling
  • Ground service equipment now has better textures. 
  • A new model for the static A320 of Austrian with its accurate appearance and engines. 
  • Add new buildings make the airport dated with its current state
  • Fixes to a number of graphical errors
  • Taxi lights offset all over the airport
  • Fixed heavy-handed exclusion zones which occasionally affected vegetation rendering
  • Fixed E/W holding lines and lights to accompany
  • Changed the orange taxi line to the proper colour
  • The red floodlights now only illuminate at night
  • Updated ATC information and added wind rules
  • Approach lighting improved at runway 29
  • Added the Vienna airport logo to the SAM marshallers
  • Changed gate sign style to reflect the real world
  • A number of fixes to SAM jetways
  • Added more ramp starts
  • A number of other small, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Gaya Simulations’ work can be followed on their Facebook page.

To update your copy of Gaya Simulations’ Vienna, head over to ORbx Central to download the update. Alternatively, if you do not already own Vienna for X-Plane, it is available for AUD$30.78 on Orbx Direct.

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