Week Highlights: more Orbx sceneries, UK2000 and X-Codr shows off new shots

Sam Clark
Monday, November 19, 2018

Recapping a quiet week in X-Plane circles

As the heading reads, it’s been a pretty slow week for X-Plane news. We’ve had a few new releases from the likes of Orbx and MK-Studios and numerous new previews from developers like Skyline Simulations, UK2000 and X-Codr.

Orbx delivered the goods on Monday, with the release of Shoreham Airport for X-Plane 11. This product was made to compliment the recently released TrueEarth GB South. This is Orbx’s second UK airport in a matter of weeks, following the release of Southampton late last month.

After the release of Terni Airport only a week or so ago, Skyline Simulations have debuted their next X-Plane scenery; Toronto Billy Bishop. Billy Bishop Airport, sometimes called Toronto City Airport is located on the Toronto Islands, just offshore of Canada’s largest city.

The SIAI-Marchetti by JRollon Planes and SimCoders was released on Wednesday. It natively features a SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, which includes functionality such as maintenance, wear and flight logging. Check out more.

Denver Airport has long been without a decent scenery for X-Plane, that appears to be about to change, with X-Codr’s rendition of the Colorado airport about to release. He’s since teased that it will in fact release by the end of the month.

UK2000 continued on the X-Plane conversion path with the announcement that Belfast Xtreme is coming to Laminar’s sim soon. Check out the previews and more information in our article.

MK-Studios released their first X-Plane scenery this week, in the form of Lanzarote Airport (GCRR). The conversion was made with the assistance of Windsock Simulations. To find out more about the project, check out our article.


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