X-Codr Denver (KDEN) release imminent

Sam Clark
November 14, 2018

X-Codr has quietly been working on Denver International Airport since March this year. Much progress has been made since then and the scenery is now only weeks away from release. Some of his previous sceneries include Telluride (KTEX) and Sedona (KSEZ), as well as numerous freeware offerings.

We last reported on the project back in April, when only basic objects had been implemented and buildings such as the iconic Jeppesen terminal were still in the modelling stage.

The Jeppesen Terminal during the modelling process back in April.

X-Codr has also announced the SoundXP plugin to accompany the scenery. It adds ambient noises and will "will greatly enhance your experience at this airport" - see a video of the plugin in action below:

When asked about a release date, X-Codr responded with:

"Soon, soon... I typically don't  give out dates, but I'm in the process of beta-testing, and barring any highly unexpected events, I can guarantee it will be before the end of this month."

To see more of X-Codr's KDEN, see our previous article on the scenery. To purchase X-Codr's previous work, see the X-Plane.org store.