Blue Sky Star Simulations' ToLiss A319 Sound Pack Delayed

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Puerto Rico-based developer Blue Sky Simulations has announced that their latest work-in-progress X-Plane product, a sound pack for the very popular ToLiss A319, has been delayed.

The developer cites a broken air conditioning unit as the reason behind a temporary relocation to another apartment due to the immense humid heat in the US territory at this time of year. He also plans on moving house this month and has postponed all projects until he is set up in his new place.

Blue Sky Star had previously informed that the A319 sound pack was in it's final stages so once the developer has settled in it shouldn't be too long until release.

The sound pack will initially include CFM sounds only, but an optional IAE add-on will be made available after the release of the first. The planned cost of the pack will be $19.99 USD for the base (CFM) package and $10.00 USD for the IAE expansion.

Shortly after announcing price points for the new product, BSS kick-started a series of preview videos to showcase what their sounds change versus default ToLiss sounds. Included below is the latest clip in the series, though if you'd like to see more videos of the A319 pack in action, check out our article from August here.

You can find Blue Sky Star Simulations on Facebook here. Alternatively, check out the developer's long term plan in another article.

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