Blue Sky Star Releases Major Update to FF A320 Sound Pack

Sam Clark
Friday, January 25, 2019

Blue Sky Star Simulations, also known as simply BSS, have released a major update to their flagship sound-pack for the FlightFactor A320. The changes were originally announced via Facebook yesterday afternoon, along with an appeal for beta testers.

Among the largest changes comes news of a complete overhaul of the engine sounds in 1.3, something that they've kept under wraps until now. Here's the full changelog, as of yesterday;

General Changes

  • Heat blur/contrails now are working
  • New wind system
  • Empennage wind
  • Mid wing and engine nacelle wind
  • Nose wind
  • All electric contactors remade
  • E&E bay transformers sound
  • PTU distance fixed
  • inlet/extractor sounds
  • Blower resets
  • Advanced settings for Switching/Levers/buttons etc
  • Avionics caused loud speaker pop (when off and on)
  • PAX volume, noise off
  • outside ambiance when front door is open
  • ground roll/brake sounds
  • Air conditioning/packs improved
  • Avionic vent sounds improved
  • Avionic start beep
  • Avionic start bus power high freq. noise

CFM56 overhaul

  • blades windmill sounds
  • complete outside engine sounds all 360 degrees with start/stop sounds (full remade)
  • jet blast sounds hitting fuselage while aircraft is on the ground with max power, disappears when aircraft leaving the ground effect.
  • Intake rush sounds (smart), depending on thrust input
  • Engine spooldown gool, low thrust, spooling down famous CFM sound.
  • Custom high thrust that causes engine to whine more at around 70-80% N1 which fades away with more air into cowling and gets replaced by steady "saw" sound.
  • N2 Core sounds
  • All engine sounds inside change every 3 seats, like they suppose to, basically every PAX seat has its own authentic sound of engine.
  • Jet blast rumble (back)
  • Reverse sounds
  • CFM buzzsaw fixed volume.

To update, simply re-download the package from the Blue Sky Star website. The update is also available at the store. To download, simply find the purchase in your account.

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