Torquesim Publishes New Citation 525 Previews

November 8, 2020

Torquesim has released new previews of their upcoming Cessna Citation 525 on their website. This update was posted over a year and a half after the previous one.  

First introduced in 1991 by Cessna, the Model 525 is one of the most successful light jets of its era with over 2000 airframes built. Based on the Citation II, its fuselage was shortened and equipped with a T-tail to better fit its purpose. The Citation 525 being developed by Torquesim is powered by two Williams FJ44 turbofans and is capable of cruising at 41,000 feet and over 400 knots. 

In these exterior previews provided by the developer, different details can be seen such as the iconic Citation family spoilers and flaps. Can also be seen are the landing gear hydraulic systems and engines. 

To keep up with the progress on the Torquesim Citation 525, join the developer’s Discord server

In March 2019, Torquesim released previews of their Citation, check out our article.

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