Threshold Exclusive: Ultimate 737-700 Preview Thread

Saturday, April 27, 2019

We're less than 24 hours out from the release on the hugely anticipated 737-700 by the Ultimate Project, so what better a time to have a look at the aircraft in detail!

The makers of the Zibo 737-800 and subsequent Ultimate 737-900 have given Threshold exclusive access to the aircraft in preparation for release, so let's dive right in.

The feature set of the -700 is very similar to that of the -800 and -900's that came before it, with systems from the latest Zibo Mod release.

The tentative feature list is available here:

  • For all systems related updates - these are the same as in the 737-800X.
  • Many subtle and a few less subtle changes to sounds, also specifically edited for the 737-700 (e.g. liftoff, engine, on/off-load, behind wingbox), exterior/far/flyby/buzz
  • completely new textures for the whole main panel (fwd instrument panel), throttle quadrant, trim wheels, new FMC, overhead 2 incl. full PBR - correction of right tiller
  • smaller edits to cockpit textures / PBR (e.g. first aid kit)
  • new fuselage textures, new fuselage PBR, new paint-kit (not finished nor published yet)
  • edited wing & winglet PBR and textures incl. a few corrections (leading edge)
  • changed MCP displays to old-style orange
  • added liveries: SAS, United, Delta (with and without belly logo), SWA, TUI (Belgium & Germany)
  • added ASU model & sounds
  • added new decals on fuselage (apu drain, water drain)

As can be seen in some of the screenshots, more 3rd party liveries will become available on release - namely an Alaska livery, courtesy of KJO, and additional Southwest liveries, courtesy of our very own Jordan Davison (Jviation).

Release Information

The 737-700 by the Ultimate Project will be available exclusively from the Threshold Forum this weekend. To download the file, users must join the 737 Ultimate subforum ("club"), which can be found here. Support and bug submission also happens in this subforum.

Looking for more 737s? The Ultimate Project are also developing a 737 MAX 8, the latest previews of which can be found here.

The announcement of its release this weekend can be found here.

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