Felis Completes Modelling of 747-200 Cockpit

Keizo Ono
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Two weeks have passed since our last article featuring Felis’ 747-200-in that time he has completed the 747 classic’s cockpit. On the X-Plane org forum, Felis announced the completion of the cockpit and the current status of the aircraft. This milestone comes on the one year anniversary of the project’s announcement.

“And it seems like I’m finished with the cockpit! I will move back to the cabin to add some more details there, but I really need to move to the next stage, which is UV layout and dividing the whole model into separate files (layers) for future export into X-Plane.”

Felis’ 747 is one of the most prominent projects in the X-Plane community right now, as X-Plane is lacking 747 variants. Felis is known for his Russian aircraft in X-Plane, such as his popular Tupolev TU-154 and his freeware Antonov An-24. In the year since the 747’s announcement, Felis has made significant progress on the modelling of the aircraft, including the completion of the exterior model.

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