SSG Shows Progress of Cockpit Displays in 747-8 V2

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New previews of Supercritical Simulations Group's (SSG) 747-8 V2 have today been shown off by the developer on their forum.

With the first images unveiled back in February, several previews have been shown since, including the first cockpit previews, some of the EICAS displays and overhead panel, and engine startup + FMC videos.

In today's previews, we see the developer sharing images of what they say are the PFDs (Primary Flight Displays), but the ND (Navigational Displays) have also been shown off too:

The 747-8 is the latest, and likely last iteration of one of the most recognisable aircraft in aviation. Sporting four General Electric GEnx turbofans, the aircraft has found far more popularity as a freighter as opposed to the passenger variant, as airlines continue moving towards twin-engine aircraft.

SSG also has a CRJ-700 in the works, which will see more work on it once the 747-8 V2 is competed.

The developer is available to follow on Facebook here.

Many thanks to bokewalka for tipping us off in our Discord server. Join here.

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