Aerobask Falcon 8X Systems Teaser

June 10, 2019

Aerobask's recently announced Falcon 8X appears to be progressing well, judging by the sneak preview of the systems posted minutes ago by developer Yoyoz.

In a series of posts on the 8X development thread, Aerobask/Skunkcrafts developer Lionel Zamouth updates us all on a few different aspects of the aircraft - including documentation, Navigraph integration and as mentioned today, systems.

"Long time without a screenshot, isn't it?"

In regards to documentation, the developer says that although the aircraft is made in partnership with Dassault, little to no real-world documentation will be included - instead, they plan on creating a much shorter user-friendly version, which compacts the 4640 pages of official documents.

Navigraph integration is a work in progress according to Zamouth - they've established initial contact, though the recent FSExpo has hindered progress somewhat.

You can see more on the Forum thread here.

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