FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate to Version 1.1.19

February 20, 2021

FlightFactor has again taken to their social platforms to announce that the performance update to their A320 Ultimate has left beta and is now in a final, stable release version. The update changelog for version 1.19 does not differ from that of version beta 1.1.17.

It is still not clear when FlightFactor plans to address the remaining issues with the A320 product including broken TCAS when using Vulkan.

As mentioned in our previous article, FlightFactor shared a Tweet previewing new improvements to the MCDU system. The post, though vague on the subject hinted towards some improvements to the Fix Info systems with 4 accompanying images being shared. No timescale or further details have been disclosed at this point. Find all the previews on the FlightFactor Twitter Page.

The main purpose of this series of updates was to improve the frame rates experienced by users since release. The update has been reported to bring improvements of 20-25% for many users.

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Some performance optimization
  • Panel hotkeys now are optional in EFB


  • Fixed axis curves input
  • SpeedBrake bound key fix
  • Fixed crash after clicking HOLD button on point just before PPOS
  • Get rid of artefacts when using RainEffect on OpenGL

Users who already own the aircraft can update to this version of the aircraft by running the included X-Updater.jar file to automatically update their aircraft.

The FlightFactor A320 can be purchased for $89.95 from the X-Plane.org store.

To keep up to date with FlightFactor developments, you can join their Discord Server.

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