Flight Factor A350 V2 Landing Gear Renders

Alex John
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Some renders of the left main landing gear of the Flight Factor A350 V2 have today emerged, showing an enticing level of detail throughout.

Through a post on their Twitter account, the developer said "Work never stops @FlightFactor feast your eyes at these," and attached the following images:

The A350 V2 is shared between Flight Factor and ToLiss. Few details of the update have emerged, but this is evidence that work on the aircraft is progressing.

The current A350 is on sale for US $34.95 on x-plane.org. It is not known at this time what the price of V2 will be, or if it will be a paid upgrade (the latter seems very likely given this rework).

Some images of the A350 V2 exterior have apparently surfaced within the community, but our readers have proven these to be from a model available to purchase on the internet.

In other Flight Factor news, new previews of the FPDS avionics system going into their 757 and 767 were shown not too long ago - these can be found below.

Flight Factor Previews 757/767 FPDS Avionics
Flight Factor Previews 757/767 FPDS Avionics

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