Flight Factor Previews 757/767 FPDS Avionics

Alex John
Monday, June 17, 2019

It has been known for some time that Flight Factor could be bringing a retrofitted cockpit to their 757, and a tweet today has solidified this rumour. In addition, the avionics will be implemented into their 767.

Hints of a retrofitted display started back in October last year, when den_rain on the x-plane.org confirmed they were planning on adding it to the 757.

Then in April, a small teaser was posted in the format of the texturing. We reported that they could be Large Display System (LDS) panels based on how they were shown, but today confirms otherwise: The retrofitted avionics that are being developed are that of the Flat Panel Display System (FPDS), which replaces many existing gauges, the Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and Navigational Displays (ND) into four LED displays.

The FPDS displays were also confirmed by the developer a few days after the first preview here.

These are the previews shared on their recently-set up Twitter account, also showing the panels as pop-outs:

The FPDS is developed by Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S). No mention of upgrade cost (if any) or ETA was detailed. Additional information regarding this development is expected to follow in the coming weeks/months.

You can follow Flight Factor on Twitter here, and buy their 757 and/or 767 at the x-plane.org store here.

The 757 and 767 are both produced by VMAX Pro, with SteptoSky and Flight Factor as their designers.

Big thanks to Full-Flight on our Discord server (link here) for tipping us off!

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