Airfield Canada Releases New Halifax Previews

June 27, 2020

On an forum post, developer Airfield Canada has released further previews of their upcoming Halifax Stanfield International Airport scenery (CYHZ).

The screenshots showcase the Gateway FBO/Hangars located in the southwest corner of the airport. It can be seen from the pictures that both the external and internal sections of the facilities have been modeled in detail.

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport, located in Nova Scotia, opened in 1960 and mainly serves the Halifax community, as well as other rural towns in the region. The airport is home to Cougar Helicopters, Air Canada Express,SkyLink Express, and PAL Airlines. In 2018, it saw more than 4.3 million passengers and handled some 84,045 aircraft.

The developer has also teased that major updates on the scenery will be released in the near future, though an exact date is not given. However, Airfield Canada did review that they have almost reached the point at which a release date can be planned.

For more previews of CYHZ, check out a previous Threshold article.

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