Aerobask Makes Fokker Dr.1 Available Free of Charge

Monday, April 13, 2020

In a surprise post on the forums, Aerobask has made their Fokker Dr.1 available for free.

The aircraft was originally a payware aircraft for X-Plane 10 but the version released today has been updated to be improved specifically for X-Plane 11.

The Fokker Dr.1, or commonly known as the Fokker Triplane is a German World War I Triplane. The aircraft has been featured in many movies, mainly reproductions of the aircraft, now only a few original aircraft are found in museums.

Full Feature List:

Main features:

  • High quality model with HD textures. Fully animated virtual 3D cockpit
  • Many modelled instruments, such as the cup anemometer, altimeter, fuel gauge and fuel regulator, Fuel tap, oil pulsator, etc...
  • Functional Spandau machine gun
  • Custom sounds with some 3D effect: engine and start, airflow, rolling ground and touch, machine gun, etc...
  • 3D surround effect: engine, start and airflow
  • 3 Pop-Up menu: options, start & movable pop-up compass
  • Optional custom lights for multiplayer mode (dogfight)
  • VR ready
  • Flight manual by Mario Donick

Refined Flight Model

  • Flight model by  X-Aerodynamics (Cameron Garner)
  • Optimised for X-Plane 11
  • Simulated gyroscopic effect

Aerobask also has multiple payware aircraft in progress including the Dassault Falcon 8X and the Lancair Legacy RG, which threshold recently got exclusive previews of, check them out below.

Threshold Exclusive: Aerobask Lancair Legacy RG Previews

The Freeware Fokker Dr.1 from Aerobask can be downloaded for free from the forums.

Thanks to Aerobask developer Lionel for tipping us off on the release in the Threshold Discord server.

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