Airport Layout Enhancement Solution V1.4 Released

January 19, 2020

Pyreegue Dev. Co.'s flagship scenery project, dubbed ALES - the Airport Layout Enhancement Solution - has been updated for the first time since September 2019, bringing it up to version 1.4. The developer has held this update close to his chest, with little in the way of public previews leading up to today's release.

Though it falls under the 'scenery' in most stores, ALES does not cater to just one airport like most of the products surrounding it. Instead, the file changes all of X-Plane's default ground textures for much higher-resolution, more realistic looking runways, taxiways and aprons.

The changelog for v1.4 is short compared to other updates, here it is in full:

  • Concrete textures reworked
  • Removed excess files
  • Fixed some asphalt textures

Version 1.3 introduced a configurator tool to the utility, which allowed users to switch between different textures - for example, changing an asphalt runway from brand new - 'fresh' - to 'used' or 'worn down' states. You can learn more about that in a previous article.

You can purchase Pyreegue Dev. Co's Airport Layout Enhancement Solution for $15.90 USD from the Threshold Store or for $15.99 from the Store.

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