Aerosoft Previews CRJ in Microsoft Flight Simulator

February 19, 2021

In the latest round of previews out of Aerosoft, the company has shown yet more exterior screenshots of their CRJ rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It has been touted by fans as the first in-depth airliner for the platform.

The Canadian Regional Jet rendition will come in two packages, with the base CRJ-550/-700 variants starting at €42.00, whilst an expansion with the stretched -900/-1000 variants priced at an additional €16.75. 

Customers are required to own the base package to access the -900/-1000 expansion.

Aerosoft’s CRJ was originally set to release in late 2020, just four months after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Late into December that year, however, the developer delayed release into Q1 2021 - which we are currently in the midst of. 

Going by that prediction, the aircraft will be released before the end of March this year.

To learn more about systems on board the CRJ, check out a previous article which takes a dive into the Electronic Flight Bag in the aircraft. 

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