Aerosoft Further Previews their CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator

December 1, 2020

Aerosoft has taken to their forums to provide the community with additional in-sim screenshots of their upcoming CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Having initially announced and teased the CRJ back in August, Aerosoft has remarked that the team hoped to have the product out before the end of this year. However as we moving towards the end of 2020, that is becoming increasingly uncertain as no release date has been provided, though the project is entering its beta phase soon.

The developer confirmed that the product will be released in two stages, the CRJ 550 and 700 being part of the initial release lineup, followed by the extended 900 and 1000 fuselage stretches arriving post release. It’ll be an “easy and cheap update,” according to Aerosoft. The developers also touched upon the reflections on the screens in the cockpit, stating, “If your (sic) find the reflections on the displays to be too strong... we agree. Being discussed with Asobo as we have no control over it.” 

Aerosoft has also touted its efforts in optimising the CRJ, alhough there are not many aircraft in the simulator to compare the CRJ against, performance-wise, the developer claims that according to its own tests, the CRJ hasnt seen a significant FPS drop compared to the default A320Neo.

In contrast to multiple developers for MSFS, Aerosoft stated that they are not bound by the limited documentation of the SDK, explaining that “the SDK is not really stopping us a lot as we use the help from Asobo and that beats any SDK.” Regardless, some issues still persists, presumably out of control on Aerosoft's part with the HUD not being fully functional, as well as some lighting issues.

No pricing information has yet been released; though the CRJ professional for P3D is available at the Aerosoft Store for $79.99, we can assume that the MSFS version will be somewhere around that price or cheaper given the common trend of product pricing within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Apart from that, there is no further information provided from the developer; you can view their original post and additional previews via their forum page. We’ll be keeping an eye on any further developments from Aerosoft and make sure to keep you updated about anything that arises.

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