HiFi SimTech's Active Sky XP Updated

Friday, October 18, 2019

Active Sky XP, the X-Plane version of the incredibly popular ESP-platform weather engine has been updated today, bringing it up to version 092319. The update, which brings numerous fixes and adjustments, was put into open beta last month.

Most of the changes in v092319 revolve around bug fixes and user interface improvements, such as adjusting clarity in the flight planning section and allowing for longer email addresses.

In-sim changes deal mainly with winds, as hurricane representation and track pathways have been improved upon. Also fixed are issues with winds displaying incorrectly at airports at altitudes of 3000ft or higher.

HiFi Simulation Technologies’ entrance to the X-Plane market was received very well with the community, as this their first product for the platform quickly became one of the most popular in the industry. ASXP, as it is affectionately known, was released in December 2018.

Some post-release criticism was levelled against the visuals of Active Sky XP, as being a weather engine the software only injects cloud textures already used by the sim as opposed to bringing its own set of improved textures.

This was addressed by head developer Damien Clark, who clarified the purpose of ASXP - to inject weather/cloud textures. He said that Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA), the group’s cloud texture improvement, would come to X-Plane in the fourth quarter of 2019. There has been little news on the development of Active Sky Cloud Art since its debut in 2018.

To download the update, see this page on the Active Sky website. It also includes changelog information. For an in-depth look at Active Sky XP, check out Threshold’s review of the weather engine here.

Thanks to RCFLYER86 for the tip-off over on the Threshold Discord server.

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