Aivlasoft EFB v2.0 Now Available for X-Plane

Sam Clark
Friday, April 19, 2019

The popular electronic flight bag addon for ESP-platforms by Aivlasoft has now been made available for X-Plane users. This follows an announcement by the developers in late February regarding compatibility with Laminar's sim.

The EFB is Aivlasoft's flagship product and combines with either Navigraph Charts or Aerosoft NavDataPro to give users the full flight navigation experience. Also featured are detailed interactive ground charts and live weather displays (when fed data by Active Sky, FSGRW etc).

To install Aivlasoft EFB for X-Plane, check out this page on their website and try the demo version, which allows for a 29 day fully-functional free trial. Beware of a few limitations the EFB has on the X-Plane platform - for example, the taxi chart feature is unavailable in the X-Plane version. See the full list of limitations here.

Alternatively, you can purchase the EFB here for CHF 59.90 (Swiss Francs), which roughly equates to $59.00 USD.

See our previous article for more information on Aivlasoft EFB for X-Plane.

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