Carenado B200 King Air Updated to V1.1

Simon Klaassen
Friday, March 15, 2019

Carenado has announced another new update for one of their aircraft through their Facebook page.

The Carenado B200 King Air has been updated to V1.1 with a list of changes which are attached below.

  • Fixed lights.
  • Adapted flight dynamics to XP11.30’s latest physics fixes (gear, flap, & fuselage drag, beta mode, cruise speeds).
  • Tweaked fuel flow for FL200 and up.
  • Adjustments to prevent “hot starts”.
  • Fixed radio tuning knobs.
  • Autopilot heading issue addressed.
  • Moved cockpit to inside “objects” folder.
  • Improved VR configuration, and made yoke click spots less obtrusive in VR.
  • Created exhaust blur using new particle system.
  • Adapted throttle quadrant handles to new“drag rotate” manipulator standard.
  • Corrected quick view locations.
  • Adjusted trim, prop feathering, CG, rudder phaseout.

The Carenado B200 King Air can be purchased from the Carenado website for $34.95. In addition you can also have look at their other X-Plane 11 aircraft on their website.

Carenado also updated their C90 King Air earlier this week to V1.1.

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