Boundless Simulations Announce Gloucester Airport for X-Plane

June 27, 2021

Boundless Simulations has used their weekly report to announce Gloucester Airport (EGBJ) for X-Plane 11. The Airport, located in southwest England, is home to a wide range of aircraft ranging from private jets to small helicopters. 

Furthermore, the Weekly Report provided further information on Bournemouth Airport. The developer wrote: “we're finishing up the final few buildings, tidying up some details and then it's off for testing. We are expecting the whole process to take a couple of weeks, more previews will be with you this week!”

On the freeware side of things, Boundless announced Caernarfon Airport last week. The Developer wrote this about Progress: “Caernarfon and Burg Feuerstein are still coming along in the background, previews should be with you very soon, and we're excited to get these released in the coming weeks so we can significantly increase our freeware offering.”

 “Hang tight because next week will be exciting”, wrote Boundless Simulations in their Weekly Report. You can keep up to date with this news and updates on future projects in the Boundless Simulations Discord Server.

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