Nhadrian's C152 Mod 4.1 is released

Peter Tram
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's definitely a happy day for those who fly the Carenado C152, nhadrian has finally released 4.1 of his upgrade mod for the Carenado C152, and we must say that this looks to bring an even bigger monumental leap for the old add-on, placing it closer to the complexity of JustFlight's C152 simulation. Users are welcomed with a host of new features, and the update focuses on new features for VR flying.

We've covered about the upgrade earlier, showcasing the new engine visual modelling, which was one of the main features in this update. As promised, nhadrian has released the new update within a few days. The developer has contacted us explaining that the update brings much more than the 3d engine model.

One visual addition to the C152 that many will find useful is the inclusion of a working HUD in 4.1; displaying directional, positional, and weather related information:

Fully compatible ina VR environment, the update brings support for Teleporting locations, VR compatible Yoke manipulator and so on. One VR specific feature is allowing users to hold a controller in-sim and change the settings in the configurator box:

Users can also access the Fuel gauge with manipulators (in cockpit view only):

And much more.. Here is the feature list for version 4 upwards (inclusive of the new 4.1 update):

(Bolded features are ones from the 4.1 update)

  • Rearranged fuselage and wing textures. Now each sides can be painted almost independently.
  • Detailed PBR textured engine and removable cowling (thanks to Leen de Jager for the additional small texture details, it makes engine alive…)
  • New VR configurator box under the cowling for VR environment to let users enable configuring the plane without floating SASL windows (only visible in VR!!!)
  • New fuel gauges tubes with manipulator (works in VR too to substitute the missing ‘Fuel’ SASL menu)
  • Realistic nose wheel steering behavior
  • More realistic stall horn sound system
  • New VR teleport hotspots for fuel caps and engine
  • Small info-HUD with illuminator showing some important data (thanks to Ekre for help)
  • Internal fuel gauges fix (now they turn off when bus amp is too low or off)

If you haven't got the upgrade yet, hopefully this update to the mod will entice you, this one of many golden freewares that definitely highlights our uniquely generous community.

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