VFlyteAir release Comco-Ikarus C42C

Sam Clark
September 11, 2018

Back in June, we reported on vFlyteAir's latest aircraft project, the Ikarus C42C. At that stage, exterior modelling was largely completed, and good progress was being made on the interior too.

The Ikarus C42C is a fixed gear, single engine microlight aircraft, designed to carry the pilot and one other passenger. The C42 has a range of just under 700km (432 miles) and can be equipped with either an 80 or 100hp Rotax engine. vFlyteAir's version models the Rotax 912, the 80hp option.

The C42C comes with an FMOD sound pack, full PBR, HDR lighting and an interactive & animated walk-around. The aircraft is fully VR compatible.

Check out the full list of features below:

Early last month vFlyteAir released a preview video of the C42C, you can view that below.

You can purchase the vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C for $27.95 USD from the X-Plane.org store.