Preview: vFlyteAir Ikarus C42

Sam Clark
June 27, 2018

Mario Donick of vFlyteAir has given us an update on their latest aircraft showing, the Comco-Ikarus C42 C.

The trainer is one of the most popular ultra-light aircraft in Germany, where it is still produced. During the development process vFlyteAir have had access to two of the C42's (D-MYSF and D-MNLN).

Here is a short progress update on the Ikarus C42:

"The vFlyteAir model comes with 13 liveries and two panel variants (basic trainer panel + full panel incl. basic GPS, electronic attitude indicator and Rotax FLYdat engine monitor). We gave special attention to a trusty flight model which trys to resemble as much as possible what I experience in my real-world flights. We also gave a lot of attention to visual detail, esp. the different materials on the exterior: Wings are made both of fabric and plastic material, and they are semi-transparent; Igor and Walker captured this look in a quite awesome way (in my opinion at least)."

Other planned features include FMOD sounds and a menu system.

Check out the announcement post here, or see some more screenshots on the development thread.