Canada4XPlane Releases Quebec City (CYQB)

Sam Clark
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Canada4XPlane has released their second payware scenery today, in the form of Quebec City Airport, following their first foray into commercial design with St. John's Airport last year.

It was under two weeks ago that we last saw progress from the developer, having noted that the scenery had just entered beta testing.

Best known for their freeware sceneries such as Calgary (CYYC) and Edmonton (CYEG), the Canadian developer partnered with JustAsia in order to release the aforementioned St. John's recreation, being their first in the payware space, a relationship which has since split up.

Today's release is quite another item, though, utilising HD ground textures, 3D volumetric grass and  custom dynamic lighting to achieve a realistic effect. Additionally, the following features are also included:

  • 30+ Custom buildings
  • 70+ Custom Objects
  • HD ground textures
  • HD taxilines and ground details
  • 3D volumetric grass
  • Ground ambient occlusion
  • Extremely detailed parking lots
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Optional winter textures
  • Custom autogate + sound
  • WT3 Compatibility (Freeware Add-on)
  • Optional static aircraft package (Freeware Add-on)

You can see the developer's previous release, St John's Airport for X-Plane, in a previous article.

Alternatively, purchase the developer's new Quebec City scenery for $20.99 from the Store here.

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