COLIMATA Concorde Updated to V1.01

Alex John
Friday, May 31, 2019

Last week, COLIMATA outlined some of the changes going into V1.01 of Concorde FXP. The update was made available to 'early birds' to test the early access aircraft, and today sees its formal release.

In summary, the first update includes a few new autopilot modes, Better Pushback compatibility, many fixes, and improvements all around.

An extraction of details from the update are sourced from the pdf changelog in update thread:

  • Version number in aircraft menu in X-Plane bar at top
  • Less aggressive pitch and roll
  • Ground handling fixed for complex cases
  • Additional custom commands that can be assigned in joystick or keyboard settings
  • Main airspeed indicator (ASI) and v-Limit set to calibrated airspeed (CAS)
  • Heading hold
  • Mach and IAS hold, plus acquire selected airspeed
  • Better engine shutdown by virtual flight engineer
  • Better Pushback compatibility
  • 2K textures
  • Better fuel flow values for subsonic cruise, ramp effect and approach
  • NAV1 and NAV2 do not affect each other any longer
  • CIVA now shows correct longitude data
  • Quick-access GUI follows window resizing
  • Better view transitions when using qa views
  • Lower gear friction during taxiing
  • Trim bell sound fixed
  • Landing ground contact: Added ‘Contact’ message of Flight Engineer during landing plus AP switches off automatically at ground contact
  • Many minor improvements

Existing users can download the update free of charge here for Windows and Mac. It can alternatively be purchased for US $49.95 here.

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