DC Designs Development Update, Concorde Previews in MSFS

September 5, 2020

DC Designs has previewed their upcoming Concorde in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the aircraft had previously only been shown in P3D v5. With the P3D version on target for a September launch, attention will hopefully soon shift to finishing the supersonic jet in MSFS.

In a somewhat lengthy update on Facebook, the developer says that Concorde systems for P3D are nearly done. A point of emphasis for DC Designs is that the Concorde will not be “study level”, however “everybody is really going to have their hands full operating this aircraft”. Also confirmed in the post was the price range for the Concorde. Pricing will be reasonable, with a tag coming in around the same as their previous products (around $40 USD).

The original Facebook post from DC Designs can be viewed here. Previous articles about DC Designs can be read here

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