Carenado Releases the SR22 GTSX Turbo for X-Plane 11

Alex John
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Another aircraft has been made available by Carenado: the SR22 GTSX Turbo, for X-Plane 11. Before today's release, there was no announcement or any sign that this would be Carenado's next aircraft.

Their rendition of the SR22 carries the usual PBR textures throughout, a 3D interior and exterior with "many" details, Librain support, and an FMOD sound set. VR compatibility, "specially designed engine dynamics", and realistic handling behaviour as tested by real-world pilots top off the features of the aircraft.

Interestingly, the release comes not long after TorqueSim announced their SR22 G3 GTS back in January, in which its latest previews are of the FMOD sounds to be included with the aircraft.

Moreover, Carenado and Thranda Design parted ways in August of last year due to a mismatch between the two companies should operate.

Currently, Carenado's SR22 is available to purchase through their website for US $34.95.

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