Departure Designs New Orleans Potential Release This Week

Sam Clark
April 15, 2019

737 Ultimate Project developer Daniel Johnson and his scenery brand, Departure Designs, are gearing up to release their next scenery, New Orleans (KMSY), after it was announced only 5 days ago.

Previews of New Orleans (KMSY), announced last week.

This comes in conjunction with news about an incoming update to their other scenery, Baltimore (KBWI), which released at the end of last month.

In a post on the Departure Designs Facebook page, the developer gives a rundown of the new features due in the update later this week:

Departure Designs Baltimore (KBWI) is in for an update this week.

News from the New Orleans project was added at the bottom of the post, with the developer saying that their scenery library, the Departure Library, will be updated with objects from the new scenery ahead of release "later this week".

You can find out more about Departure Designs' current range of sceneries, including the aforementioned Baltimore (KBWI) and the in-progress St. Thomas (TIST) project in a previous article.