Departure Designs Announces Update to Oakland Scenery

Monday, June 8, 2020

The Departure Designs Oakland International Airport for X-Plane 11 is a heavily optimised airport with satellite imagery high resolution 4k textures, SAM jetways and PBR textures throughout airport rain textures.

Oakland International Airport is situated on the West coast of the US in California, less than 15 miles from the San Francisco airport (KSFO). It currently serves as a major hub for the cargo carrier Fedex, and can see as many as 21,000 aircraft movements per month and more than 575 tonnes of freight a year.

Since the release of the scenery earlier this year in May, the Departure Designs Oakland scenery has certainly been loved by many X-Plane cargo captains around the world.

Earlier today, Departure Designs announced an update to their Oakland scenery through their Facebook page. This update plans to bring multiple improvements and fixes, especially to the night lighting and changes to the high resolution satellite imagery.

You can find the full changelog below:

  • Brand new commercial 6inch satellite imagery
  • Animated BART
  • Fixed UFOs near mountains
  • Improved night lighting
  • Low spec version

The update will be ‘coming out soon,’ potentially implying an imminent release. It will bring the version of the scenery package to v1.5, and is entirely free to current license holders.

Departure Designs has also confirmed that they are currently working on a version for the brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. X-Plane license holders will be also able to rejoice with a ‘deep discount’ on the MSFS2020 compatible product. This is great news for those who are considering switching their simulator in the future.

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