Xometry's Eagle County Airport is Now Out

November 13, 2021

As expected, Xometry has now released Eagle County Airport for X-Plane 11, their third product following their release of Ponta Delgada which was a little over a month ago. It was unveiled on the 7th of October on their Discord server shortly after the release of Ponta Delgada.

With this release, the team marks a return to the US after their debut airfield, Victorville in California. The real airport is a regional node in the extensive US network, offering short and medium haul flights, both regular and seasonal by several airlines to major cities across the United States, from Los Angeles (LAX) to Chicago O’Hare. Apart from commercial operations, the airport also sees significant General Aviation and Charter flights. The airport is recognised as one of the world’s “Most Extreme Airports”, in part due to the airfield’s locale; with high elevation, weather, and challenging approach and departure procedures that require navigating through mountainous terrain - this release will be sure to test your virtual airmanship.

For Xometry’s recreation of Eagle County Airport, the team brings a modern replication into X-Plane which contains the usual frills one finds in a scenery add-on these days; featuring high resolution everything, detailed 3D and then some:

  • Detailed rendition of Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE)
  • High resolution ground textures
  • Detailed buildings
  • PBR normal maps
  • Realistic wear, tar, cracks and stains
  • Accurately placed custom buildings and custom clutter
  • Custom night lighting
  • Custom taxiway edge lights
  • High resolution colour corrected and edited ortho imagery
  • Accurately placed realistic vegetation (3D grass, bushes and trees)
  • SAM jetways and marshallers
  • 2021 Airport layout

You can now purchase Eagle County Airport for £14.99 ($20.83) on the iniBuilds Store, for their previous releases, visit the team’s catalog on the store.

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